UFO/alien 5-9 colors anything from biggie to king james

For t shirts, vectored for screen printing. Miley Cyrus- Michael Jackson/Jordan that I can have altered so I can legally print them on t-shirts as one of a kind for hopefully a bad ass start up t shirt company. We do not have a logo and thinking simple like playboy bunny and prolly a UFO. Have not decided on business name yet but we are getting ready to launch soon!!! Just always want more feedback before we pull the trigger. We have PALADIAN apparel registered but I just think it’s too long and hard to spell.. Call 214 519 1315 if any questions.

Graffiti inspired. Bright/sexy neon colors. famous ppl. Alien approved

Need bad ass large print area for t shirt brand need 5-7prints. Alien Approved slogan . Like using 4/9 colors that can be changed and manipulated. Want prints of cool graphics that are vectored and if your doing a free lance I say do as close as legally possible with the likeness and Miley Cyrus or biggie smalls or 50 cent or king James or robin Williams