No grind no shine (Basketball)

I have a training company that deals with individual basketball training for the youth. The name is “No grind No shine”. I am looking to start a clothing company as well with a decent logo and also having different quotes and/or pictures that can relate to the hard work it takes on the basketball to be great. Please help me

UFO/alien 5-9 colors anything from biggie to king james

For t shirts, vectored for screen printing. Miley Cyrus- Michael Jackson/Jordan that I can have altered so I can legally print them on t-shirts as one of a kind for hopefully a bad ass start up t shirt company. We do not have a logo and thinking simple like playboy bunny and prolly a UFO. Have not decided on business name yet but we are getting ready to launch soon!!! Just always want more feedback before we pull the trigger. We have PALADIAN apparel registered but I just think it’s too long and hard to spell.. Call 214 519 1315 if any questions.

luxury T shirt brand inspired from african tribes

I am currently looking for a designer that has a little experience with shows, has already traveled out seas and that is not afraid to be controversial. I am planning on creating a luxury T shirt brand inspired from african tribes and history, social movement, old school fashion and more. I will give more details, once in contact with the designer.

Tattoo inspired artwork. Anchors, arrows, lightning bolts, sugar skulls…ect.

We are a brand new clothing company looking to partner with a talented designer. Our vision is minimalism meets industrial beach wear for men and women. we are going to be launching our brand with a collection of 6 pieces. Help us make our vision become a reality.