BLACK COCAINE APPAREL streetwear, typorgraphics designs

i want someone to help on a t-shirt design for my brand i want something like and COMBINE. thats what type of clothing i want. my upcoming brand name is BLACK COCAINE APPAREL
as long its black and white

Shirt Design with Fleur-de-lis and “Saint or Sinner” in text

I am looking for t shirt designs featuring a fleur-de-lis and “saint or sinner” text on the tshirt.

the design should be A4 size on a tshirt.

our target market at 16-24 year olds, so the design should look modern and fashionable

Hockey Apparel Company

Looking for any cool designs that are hockey related. They can be simple, or detailed. They can use just the word “weapon” or “weapon hockey” in a cool looking font., or have a graphic attached, these will be used on t-shirts and hoodies. I’m partial to surf company designs, so if you can somehow embody that look, and make it hockey related, that would be ideal. If you visit you will see one of my main logo’s on the home page, (site is under construction so there is really nothing to see at the moment other then that logo)

Also looking for a design to be used on an under garment (under armour type shirt) So graphics can be on the sleeves as well as the chest. Long sleeve shirt.