On the back of the shirt i want my logo(kooky)to be in the shape of a triangle


This is a $100-199 position posted October 10, 2014.

My company is called Kooky and Im looking for an artist who could make typographic, uncategorized, illustrative and logo shirts. Im thinking of a black shirt with a faded character smoking on something that creats the northern lights in the background with my logo kooky faded into the northern lights . I also have other designs that I would like that are similer to the one that I just described.

Skills Required

  • goodwithlogosandlettering
  • greatillustrationskillsorgoodwithtypography
  • goodwithfadeingpictursandlogos


Salary: im willing to pay 100-200$ depending on the design

How to Apply

You can contact me at (647-535-4612), or my partner at (647-971-1871), and my email is (Patrick.moffatt@live.com)