No grind no shine (Basketball)

I have a training company that deals with individual basketball training for the youth. The name is “No grind No shine”. I am looking to start a clothing company as well with a decent logo and also having different quotes and/or pictures that can relate to the hard work it takes on the basketball to be great. Please help me

BLACK COCAINE APPAREL streetwear, typorgraphics designs

i want someone to help on a t-shirt design for my brand i want something like and COMBINE. thats what type of clothing i want. my upcoming brand name is BLACK COCAINE APPAREL
as long its black and white

Print ready apparel creative designer


We’re looking for a graphic designer/s who has the ability to take initiative and produce good designs with only basic instructions provided. The designs will be mostly humouress/witty and sport related. More detail about the project work can be given after contact is made.

We really need someone who is available for quick turn-around times as we will be mostly doing print to order work with designs changing all the time.

UFO/alien 5-9 colors anything from biggie to king james

For t shirts, vectored for screen printing. Miley Cyrus- Michael Jackson/Jordan that I can have altered so I can legally print them on t-shirts as one of a kind for hopefully a bad ass start up t shirt company. We do not have a logo and thinking simple like playboy bunny and prolly a UFO. Have not decided on business name yet but we are getting ready to launch soon!!! Just always want more feedback before we pull the trigger. We have PALADIAN apparel registered but I just think it’s too long and hard to spell.. Call 214 519 1315 if any questions.

Graffiti inspired. Bright/sexy neon colors. famous ppl. Alien approved

Need bad ass large print area for t shirt brand need 5-7prints. Alien Approved slogan . Like using 4/9 colors that can be changed and manipulated. Want prints of cool graphics that are vectored and if your doing a free lance I say do as close as legally possible with the likeness and Miley Cyrus or biggie smalls or 50 cent or king James or robin Williams

Rocket Wolf is now hiring designer for Fall 2014 Line.

Rocket Wolf is seeking someone with graphic design experiences for our Fall 2014 Line. We need the right designer with the appropriate skills to help us rebrand the company. We are looking for the right candidate for a long-lasting business relationship.


We are delighted to say that Rocket Wolf has undergone some great changes, and now we are looking for that super designer to complete our amazing team.

Rocket Wolf is a clothing brand that offers a classic look with a modern fit. The brand has a classic greaser look mixed with modern themes, and concepts. The company has seen great success since our website was lunched in 2013. With that being said, we are looking to give the brand more of a stylized look. Below we have provided websites that have similar styles we are looking for.

Rocket Wolf would like to offer either commission based, or a budget based on 3-4 designs.

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Researches market for concept ideas, inspiration and techniques.
• Designs and produces illustrations including logos and graphic illustrations for our women’s and men’s division.
• Designs embroidery, appliqués, patches and any novelty items for our women’s and men’s division.
• Responsible for tech packing art for sampling and production.
• Meets and discusses upcoming projects via email or telephone.

Knowledge, Skills and Other Abilities:

• Ability to read trends and easily adapt to our culture.
• Thorough understanding of Adobe Creative Suite.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills and must be able to time manage.
• Portfolio should include multiple examples of female and male apparel graphics, textile graphics and any other relevant artwork.
• Minimum 1-3 years experience in graphic design as it relates to apparel.



To learn more about Rocket Wolf Apparel, please visit:

Please submit your resume and portfolio to

urban graphic streetwear tshirt design

Please design us a tshirt that is similar (or inspired) by the two images in the links below:

Please keep in mind that we are looking for creative designers to continue working with, If we like the designers taste, we will be asking for additional designs for a whole collection.